How to do a 3 day juice cleanse

So you’ve decided you want to try and break bad eating habits, feel a little healthier and give your body a reset and you’re ready to try a 3 day juice cleanse. Congrats! We think you’ve made a great choice.

But if you’ve never tried one before, you might be wondering where to start, what you should and shouldn’t do while you’re undertaking your juice cleanse and how you can help your body be at its best following its reset.

Keep reading below and we’ll debunk all the myths you may have heard as well as sharing some secret tips and tricks to help you

What is a juice cleanse?

Before you start your cleanse, it’s important you have an understanding of what you’re letting yourself in for.

A 3 day Wild Juice cleanse will require you to ditch your usual meals and snacks and instead you’ll be enjoying 15 bottles of our organic and zesty juices.

The aim of a Wild Juice 3 day cleanse is to give your body a rest and help it reset, helping you achieve your health goals in the long term.

What do I need to do before my juice cleanse?

Before you start your juice detox there are a few things you can do to help you maximise the benefits of your cleanse.

First up, if you love a cup of coffee, an energy drink or a cup of tea, you might want to cut down on the caffeine before you go cold turkey for 3 days. Not only will this help with potential caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, but it will also give your digestive system time to prepare.

You should also try to have a light dinner the night before you start your cleanse as this will reduce the stress on your digestive system and allow your body to feel as fresh as possible before you start your juice plan.

What’s included in a 3 day Wild Juice cleanse?

When you receive your plan through the post it will include 15 bottles of juice. These 15 juices will be a mix of all 8 of our flavours and you will have 5 juices per day.

Each day your juices will be numbered 1-5 and you should drink them in order to, ensure you get the most out of your plan, as they have been designed to help your body repair and revitalise itself

Top tips to help with your cleanse

During the course of your 3 day plan the aim is to stick to your juices instead of having your usual meals. However, we encourage you to drink plenty of water too. Staying hydrated will help you fight any cravings you may have and it will also help your body repair itself.

However, whilst you will get the best results if you replace all of your meals with our juices for all 3 days, we understand that nobody knows their body like you do, so make sure you listen to it and do what you feel is right for you.

We also advise anyone that is pregnant to get advice from their doctor before doing a juice cleanse of any length.

What makes our 3 day juice cleanse different?

We’ve always prided ourselves on being different from other juices and here’s why.

Not only are our juices delicious and nutritious, each one comes in a plastic-free bottle. Each bottle top is also recyclable.

We love our planet and it’s our mission to be as friendly to it as possible. Our eco-friendly packaging boasts 100 % recycled and recyclable delivery boxes, biodegradable stickers, biodegradable box liners, plant-based bottles, bio-marine/ biodegradable ice packs.

We’ve also made the commitment to grow at least 65 per cent of all the ingredients we use in our juices on-site at our home in Cheshire.

In the meantime, we only use organic produce that is sourced locally where possible.

When can I start a 3 day juice cleanse?

Ready to start your juice journey? We’ve got good news. Order today and you’ll be able to start juicing in just a few days. Click below to place your order!

Order my 3 day juice cleanse

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