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It seems that each year, life gets faster and faster and looking after your health can become a challenge, but it’s never been more important to be at your best and maintain a strong immune system, which is why we’re delighted to launch our immune boosting drinks plan ‘7 day immune boost’.

Our immune booster drinks allow you to grab and go, safe in the knowledge that you’re filling your body with 100% organic, cold-pressed, fruit and vegetables packed full of the vitamins and minerals that help your body to repair, re-energise and improve itself, whilst giving your immune system an invaluable boost.

As we only use fruit, vegetables and superfoods, our juices are also suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to start the day right, you struggle to include enough fruit and vegetables in your current diet or you want to benefit from the natural properties of organic fruit, vegetables and superfoods, a Wild Juice ‘7 day immune boost’ has got you covered.

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What’s included in the 7 day immune boost plan?

When you purchase a 7 day immune boost plan, we’ll handpick 7 delicious immune boosting drinks that will help boost your overall health. You will receive 7 bottles of juice, 1 for each day of the week and each juice will offer a variety of health-promoting benefits.

You can see how each of our juices can boost your immune system and much more by clicking here.

How will a juice a day boost my immune?

Getting the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs into your daily diet can be difficult, particularly if you live a busy life, however, it’s still vital that our body gets what it needs.

Our 100% organic, vegan juices contain a wide range of fruit, vegetables and superfoods, and throughout your ‘7 day immune boost’ plan, each juice will help with various aspects of your health, including boosting your immune system, improving eye health, lowering your blood sugar levels, promoting brain health and much more.

Can I get more than 7 days worth of immune boosting drinks?

We want you to be able to get the daily boost you need when you need it. If you’re looking for a daily pick me up for a week, that’s great, but if you’d like to experience the full benefits of our juices each day of the year, you can either purchase multiple plans, and once they arrive you can freeze them for up to 6 months, or you can also save money whilst investing in your health by subscribing and your weekly juices will be cold-pressed by our team each week and delivered directly to your door.

You can choose how often you want your daily boost by clicking here – ‘Buy 7 day immune boost’

How do I store my drinks?

Your 7 day immune boost juices will arrive partially frozen and they should stay fresh for 7 days once transferred to your fridge. If you are not starting to drink your juices straight away then you can go ahead and put them straight back into your freezer. They will keep in your freezer for up to 3 months. Make sure you transfer your juices to your fridge 24 hours before you want to drink one to give it time to completely thaw.

Can I add CBD to my 7 day immune boost?

Each of our immune boosting drinks will help give your body the vitamins and minerals it craves, but even our bodies could all use a little helping hand now and then.

You’ll be happy to hear that you will have the option to add CBD to your plan for just £5 for a week’s worth of CBD goodness. – Buy here

If you’d like to learn more about how CBD can help your body in many different ways, check out our blog post – ‘Have you tried our CBD infused plans?

What are you waiting for? Unleashing your body’s full potential never tasted so good.

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