Can you lose weight by juicing?

‘Can juicing help you lose weight?’ It’s a question we are asked regularly, both by new customers and those interested in exploring new and healthy ways of improving their fitness or managing their weight.

In this blog post, we’ll explore all you need to know about juice plans, their potential to help you to lose weight as well as some of the key considerations that you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of becoming part of the Wild bunch and hopping on the juicing train.

What is a juicing weight loss plan?

Essentially a juicing plan includes substituting your daily meals for a range of juices, packed full of nutrients, vitamins and body-boosting superfoods.

Our Wild Juice juicing plans include 3,5 and 7 day plans in addition to a 5:2 plan designed to help you feel full and energised, whilst also losing weight. We also offer a 7 Day Immune Boost plan, which includes one of our juices each day, helping your body to recover and stay energised and healthy 365 days of the year.

You can enhance your juicing experience with our CBD infused plans. These plans have a wide range of benefits, including the ability to reduce anxiety, improve skin health, provide pain relief and improve your sleep.

Can you lose weight by juicing

This is the big question. The simple answer is yes, but let us elaborate.

The main component of juicing that helps boost weightloss is the fact that you will reduce your usual calorie intake significantly, however, your body will still be getting all the nutrients it needs, thanks to our carefully formulated organic juices.

The juices are kind to your body too, due to the fact that they are easier for your body to digest compared to solid food.

During your juice process, you will lose weight, but you’ll also reap the rewards after your plan has ended.

Each Wild Juice plan gives your body time to reset and recalibrate, ensuring you can get back to your best.

How to lose weight by juicing

The key to losing weight whilst on a juice plan is to stay committed.

There may be hunger pangs in the early stages, but these will pass, it is just your body adjusting to a lower calorie intake.

By completing one of our juice cleanse plans you may be able to lose up to 8lbs, however, everybody is different so the amount of weight you lose will vary from person to person.

What you need to know

When doing a juice plan, we say to all our customers that you should listen to your body. No one knows how you feel quite like you do.

Likewise, if you’re considering doing a juice cleanse and you are pregnant or have an existing health condition please seek the advice of a medical professional first.

How healthy is a juice plan

A juice plan is a great way to reset your body and provide your body with a break it may need to get back to its best, whether that’s by losing weight during your juice detox or providing you with a great base from which to improve your health and fitness.

Each of our juices only includes 100% organic produce, which means you can guarantee that you are only putting natural products into your body, something your body will thank you for. No processed food, added sugar or other nasties, just the wonders of mother nature juiced up to help you achieve your health goals.

Want to try a juice cleanse?

Decided to try a juice cleanse? Good choice! You can view our full range of juice plans by clicking here.

You can get some top tips to help you with your juice plan in our blog post – How to do a juice cleanse.

Want to know more about what ingredients we use in our juices? Click here and meet the Wild Bunch.

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