Lose your lockdown weight in 7 days

Want to lose your lockdown weight in 7 days? We’re here to help.

It’s been over a year of lockdown and it’s safe to say that everyone’s couch has seen its fair share of use. As the days rolled into each other, snack bowls got bigger and many people developed a new-found passion for drinking cocktails and baking banana bread, but all of this has resulted in a less than healthy lifestyle.

It’s reported that approximately 48 per cent of people in the UK have said that they have gained weight during lockdown.

With a potential end to restrictions on our day to day life in sight (we’re looking at you June 21st!) and the possibility of a Summer getaway tantalisingly close, we’re here to help you get back to feeling your best and looking like lockdown never even happened by helping you lose your lockdown weight in a clean and healthy way.

How can you lose your lockdown weight?

Losing your lockdown weight starts with making a commitment. A commitment that you will be kind to yourself, both your body and mind.

But, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind which may include sacrificing what your body may think it wants, such as an endless supply of classic cocktails or delicious homebaked goods, and instead, giving it what it needs and deserves, clean organic produce that will be kind to both you and the planet.

Our juice cleanses, which are organic and created with ingredients that are sourced locally where possible, help your body reset and kickstart your weight loss journey.

Making long-term healthier choices will also help banish that lockdown weight and make sure it doesn’t come back.

How can you lose lockdown weight in 7 days?

Our juices can help you lose up to eight pounds in a single week.

When we created each of our juice plans, we not only placed a focus on ensuring they taste amazing, are made using organic ingredients and are kind to the planet, we also made sure they act as the perfect tool to kickstart your weight loss journey in a way that’s enjoyable.

By allowing your body to reset itself during your juice cleanse, you are providing your body with the foundation to help you lose your lockdown weight and keep it off.

During the course of your juice plan, whether you opt for a 3 day, 5 day or 7 day juice cleanse, you will be reducing your daily calorie intake considerably, which will help your body burn fat and also help you beat the bloat that can occur when you are eating an unhealthy diet.

Giving your body what it needs to lose lockdown weight

While you may be lowering your calorie intake whilst you juice, we’re firm believers in making sure your body still gets what it needs in order to stay healthy and improve body function both during and after your juice cleanse journey.

We have ensured that each day you will reap the benefits of a wide range of vitamins and minerals in each of your 5 juices.

In addition to the range of organic fruit and vegetables that we include in each juice, we also include 9 superfoods in each juice plan, which promote healthy heart and brain function, lower cholesterol, improve your immune system, help improve your sleep and more.

Let us help

There’s never been a better time to make sure you’re ready for the end of lockdown and start your weightloss journey. Make sure you’re ready for anything on June 21st by looking and feeling at your best.

We have a wide range of juice cleanse plans available that will help you hit your health goals including:

3 day juice cleanse plan

5 day juice cleanse plan

7 day juice cleanse plan

We also offer a 5:2 juice cleanse plan that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle on a weekly basis.

You can also add CBD to any of our plans. You can learn more about the benefits of CBD in our blog post – ‘What are the benefits of CBD oil?’

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