Top tips for ending a juice cleanse

Ending a juice cleanse? We’ve got good and bad news. The good news is you did it! You successfully completed a juice cleanse and your body has really appreciated the time you’ve given it to repair and re-energise itself. You’ve given yourself a great base to build from, whether you’re looking to maintain the weight you’ve lost during your juice plan, lose more, or maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

The bad news is, you’re daily dose of delicious juice is finished. But it doesn’t have to end this way! Don’t forget you can still get your daily dose of goodness by subscribing to our 7 day Immune Boost plan to keep the good times going 365 days of the year.

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What to eat after a juice cleanse

Once you’ve completed your juice cleanse it’s important you take your time and ease your body back into eating solid food. Needless to say getting back into bad habits that include highly processed foods too soon into your daily diet will be uncomfortable.

Instead, give your body what it needs, plenty of fruit and vegetables. Make sure that in the week following your juice cleanse you include wholefoods in your daily diet too and ease yourself back into solid food with some healthy fats too, almonds, walnuts and other nuts are a great option to help you battle cravings and keep your metabolism active.

Avoid too much refined sugar and caffeine after ending a juice cleanse ends

The key to easing your body back into solid foods is to eat and drink things that are easy for your body to digest, that doesn’t include refined sugar or caffeine.

If you’re craving something sweet, try eating honey, fruit or both as an alternative.

When it comes to caffeine, you may want to get that hit from your morning coffee, but initially try to withstand the urge. By this point you will have gone without caffeine for a relatively long time, having given it up in the days before you started your juice cleanse, and avoiding it whilst completing your plan.

Introducing too much caffeine too soon after your cleanse ends can wreak havoc with your sleeping pattern, leaving you lethargic and lacking the energy stores you have built up whilst drinking our juices each day.

We’re not saying to stay away from caffeine forever, just take your time.

How much should I eat after a juice cleanse?

This will vary from person to person, the key is to listen to your body.

The first day after your juice cleanse should consist of 3-4 small meals and plenty of water. Light meals and snacks will help your body recognise that it’s time to get back to solid food. Soups, fruit and non-starchy vegetables are a great place to start.

Over the next couple of days, slowly introduce more carbs into your diet, we suggest rice or cous cous. They are easier for your body to digest compared to potatoes and pasta.

Take these two days to begin reintroducing caffeine into your diet too.

From day 3 or 4 you can look to add dairy back into your diet, yoghurt with fruit, nuts and honey is a great way to start the day.

Finally, it’s time to establish good habits. by day 5 or 6 following your cleanse you can get back to normal, but try to maintain the healthy habits you’ve already worked so hard to establish, it’ll make maintaining a healthy lifestyle a much easier prospect.

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We hope you enjoyed your juice cleanse, make sure you keep your eye on our social channels for tips to stay healthy and for our regular tips and competitions and offers.

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