What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD oil infused juices for Wild Juice Co bottles.

What is CBD oil? It’s a question that is being asked more and more, with various brands choosing to add CBD to existing or brand new products, but is it good for you? Why should you try it?

Try our immune boosting drinks

It seems that each year, life gets faster and faster and looking after your health can become a challenge, but it’s never been more important to be at your best and maintain a strong immune system, which is why we’re delighted to launch our immune boosting drinks plan ‘7 day immune boost’.

The best juice cleanse plan to start 2021

Take a deep breath everyone, 2020 is finally over! While we can’t promise 2021 will be the best year ever, we can make sure you get off to the best possible start with a delicious juice cleanse plan. January is a time of resolutions, contemplation and a great chance to take stock of the important […]

Have you tried our CBD infused juice cleanse plans?

Four of our CBD Juices

Here at Wild Juice Co. we’re firm believers in being the best you can be and that translates into every juice we produce. Everyone that’s tried our juices has loved them, just take a look at some of our reviews here.

5 ways to stay healthy this winter

cold berries representing winter months

Thinking of ways to stay healthy is something all of us have done at some point, but with the nights are closing in, summer sunshine feels like it is a thing of the past and the scramble for the hat and scarf officially upon us it’s essential we take extra care of our bodies and […]

6 amazing benefits of doing a juice cleanse

Close up of some of the ingredients that go in to some of our bottles.

Whether you’ve seen your favourite celebrity doing a juice cleanse, heard about a juicetox from a friend or you’re just looking to improve your health and you stumbled upon doing a juice detox as an option, one thing is for sure, you won’t regret taking the plunge and trying one of our delicious plans.