Showing We Care

Being as eco-friendly as possible and making decisions that are earth-friendly is extremely important to us, which is why we only use organic ingredients from local suppliers where possible. We also use plastic-free bottles, eco-friendly packaging and the most environmentally conscious delivery service.

We have also made a commitment to grow 65% of all our own ingredients by the end of 2022.

Ever since Wild Juice Co. was formed, we not only wanted to provide a solely organic juicetox, we also wanted to be as planet-friendly as possible.

We spent a long time sourcing and testing out the credentials of different packaging and labelling.

Wild Juice Co. can honestly tell you we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible each day, (except our bottle tops, which is a problem we are looking to resolve as we speak).

Our eco-friendly packaging boasts 100 % recycled and recyclable delivery boxes, biodegradable stickers, biodegradable box liners, plant based bottles, bio-marine/ biodegradable ice packs.

“We care deeply about helping the planet as a business but also supporting charities that do the same.”

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