Our Juicy Reviews

Absolutely loved my 3 day juice detox

“Absolutely loved my 3 day juice detox. The juices taste amazing! I wasn’t hungry at all and by the end of it I felt great. Quick delivery and great customer service. Will definitely be purchasing again!”

– Elsa

I did a 5 day cleanse and I am very happy

“I did a 5 day cleanse and I am very happy to say I felt so much better, energised and light from it. For me the priority was to reset my system and boost my immune rather than lose weight. The juices are very tasty, super fresh and offer a nice variety of flavours. I have ordered another juice cleanse and can’t wait to start it!”

– Rachel

I did my first two day juice detox

“I did my first two day juice detox as I wasn’t sure I would make three days! I didn’t feel at all hungry and lost four pounds. The juices are packed full of organic goodness and tasted great. Now I realise that I can freeze them I’m going to place a regular monthly order and just take out how many juices I need the night before I’m taking them. Packaging all recyclable, service excellent and pricing very competitive for the quality of product. I felt I had plenty of energy and even after two days felt healthier. Great for boosting the immune system and aiding gut health. Looking forward to incorporating this regime into my winter lifestyle plan.”

– Julie

The kick start I needed!

“Needed a kick start after over indulging this year! Wild Juice was recommended to me by someone who had tried it and had great success. I haven’t done a juice plan before and was expecting to feel hungry and headachy and probably give up. Actually felt really healthy and the juices were delicious and filled with lovely fresh, nutritious ingredients and I honestly didn’t feel hungry. The best bit is I lost 7lbs! It has given me the kick start I needed and I intend to do the three day plan regularly to ‘reset’ my gut. Can highly recommend!”

– Katie

Have just finished my second 3 day

“Have just finished my second 3 day Juicetox and am really pleased. Firstly, the speed of delivery was fab. Secondly, the juices taste fab. Thirdly, I have lost 9lbs over the last 6 weeks. And finally I felt great during each of the 3 day sessions and feel great now.”

– Mark